The House of Martin was founded in 1792 by Pierre-François Martin. Initially specialized in box-making, trunk-making and packing, his trade had more to do with delicate art of garment folding and packing than container making.

As the guardian of a female ward, Pauline, Martin arranged her marriage to his employee, Louis-Henri Morel, and gave his business as her dowry. Morel followed in Martin's footsteps, and in 1845, he hired François Goyard as an apprentice.

François took over the business when Morel died in 1852. When he took over, he opened state-of-the-art workshops, as he believed having complete control over manufacturing processes was key to achieve excellence. He handed over the reins to his son Edmond in 1885.

With François's opinion shared by Jean-Michel Signoles, he bought over Goyard in 1998. A keen collector and connoisseur of all things Goyard, he also opened new workshops with the help of his sons: Alex, in charge of special orders, trunk-making and soft-bag manufacturing; Rémi, deals with personalization; Pierre, takes care of canvas printing.

In the end, the Signoles family revived Goyard's heritage and skills, and opened new boutiques across Europe, Americas, and Asia. They restored Goyard to its original glory, and firmly re-established it as a beacon of timeless elegance, craftsmanship and exclusivity within a decade.

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