Elvis & Kresse revolves around handmade bag designs over heroic and recycled materials. Ever since Elvis & Kresse fell in love with London Fire Brigade's decommissioned fire hose, they successfully debuted with collaboration with iconic leather craftsmen, Bill Amberg. In year 1861, a fire started in Tooley Street which burned for almost a fortnight and has led to the creation of London's first fire brigade. This is exactly the inspiration and values behind each and every design from Elvis & Kresse. More recycled materials soon made their ways to our designs, including military-grade canvas flap, parachute silk, coffee sack, closed cell foam, racing sail cloth, recycled cream paper, unique auction banner etc. The bags are well designed with multi pockets with sufficient room for all your gadgets. Bags, pouches and wallets will feel surprisingly light to carry on daily basis, not to mention additional features like water resistant and more. Elvis & Kresse seeks for quality with no compromise. Every piece you purchase from Elvis & Kresse will be donated (up to 50%) to projects and charities related to the recycled materials utilized in the bag.

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iMyBags.com website was launched in October 2012 and has become synonymous with the luxurious online retailer of branded bags including Prada, Burberry, Gucci, Coach, Longchamp and many more, owing its success to the multi-million marketing spent and constant flow of sales events held around the region. iMyBags.com takes pride in bringing in latest trends from the world of fashion and luxury leather bags online exclusively for our customers. Here you will find the most sought-after branded bags and various types of bags by celebrities and socialites around the globe!
In 2014 iMyBags.com will be a one stop online store for all types of Bags. The store will offer best deals for computer, pet, music, sports, travel, business and many more types of bags.

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